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Rider Powerful Body Booster

A natural body booster


Increases the healthy appetite, Improves nutrients absorption & balancing in the digestive system & stomach.


5gm. (App. 1 Teaspoon) twice daily with warm milk or as directed by physician.


Around 3-4 kg can be increased within one month.


Take more food rich in protein, increase eating banana, rice, potato and drink healthy beverages such as milk and fruit juiced.


Weight Gain Churna not only increases the healthy appetite, but also improves nutrients absorption & balancing in the digestive system & stomach. It supports the growing of body while improves their vital organ function, metabolism system & energy level. This medicine offer a quick, high calories solution for hard gainers. It acts as an appetite enhancers. It has been observed that thin people are very likely to have less appetite & eat less than actually should. With the help of Namira

weight Gain a person’s appetite shoots up, making them eat mote, Also it increase the feeling of hunger in a person due to which he consumers more food, thus gaining more weight. Moreover it decreases metabolism, leading to more consumption of food. The medicine has reduced saturated fat content & provide minerals, vitamins, fat emulsifiers & electrolytes.

Suitable for GYM WORKOUT Persons

Note: Pregnent ladies should not be use

Available in:

100gm Jar | 200gm Jar