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Diapine Capsules


Effective and Promising Anti-Diabetic


To control Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus as a single drug or as an adjuvant to other anti-diabetic drugs. NIDDM with signs & symptoms of hyper lipidemia NIDDM with early retinopathy & microalbuminuria.


2 capsules twice daily, gradually can be reduced to 1 capsule twice daily, before food or as directed by physician.


KARELA (Phal) Extract (Monordica charantia)
Mamejava (Pan) Extract (Enicostema littorale)
Jamnu (Beeji) Extract
Neem Pan (Pan) Extract (Melia azadirachata)
Haladi (Mool) Extract (Curcuma longa)
Gudmar (Pan) Extract
Amala (Phall) Extract (Emblica officinalis)
Methi (beeji) Extract (Tragonella foenum), Colombo
Kariyatu (Mool) Extract (Andrographis paniclata)
Kabu (Phal) Extract (Picrorrhiza Kuroda)
Galo (Branches) Extract (Tinospora Corrdifolia)

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10X10 Blister Pack.